Counseling and Therapy Services





All therapy clients receive the highest quality services including:

  • Intake Evaluation - Background information about your concerns, goals, strengths, family and childhood experiences, and screening for important events and symptoms related to your psychological health are included in the intake.
  • Psycho-diagnostic Evaluation - A carefully formulated diagnostic impression plays an important role in understanding your needs.
  • Written Treatment Plan - Your therapist will ask for input and feedback when formulating and reviewing your treatment plan.  Treatment plans include goals, objectives and interventions so that you have an understanding of what to expect during therapy.  The days of "just trust in the process" are long gone.
  • Ongoing Solicitation of Your Agenda - Prior to every appointment, you will be encouraged to state your current priorities or goals.  We want your input, and we want to empower you to have ownership in the process.
  • Ongoing Assessment of Progress - At every session, you will be asked about current levels of symptoms (using validated instruments whenever possible) to assess your progress.
  • Intersession Assignments - You will be encouraged to identify and set goals to work on between each session to maximize benefits of therapy.  Not surprisingly, researchers consistently find that CBT clients who make efforts to learn and practice new skills outside of therapy sessions benefit most.
  • Ongoing Solicitation of Feedback - During and after each session, you will be asked about how the sessions are helping you and how the therapist may improve or adjust.  Your feedback is welcome and informs the process.
  • Attention, Support, and Guidance from Your Therapist - Your therapist's top priority at every session is provide outstanding care that is informed, professional, and compassionate.

To request becoming a new client, please read more about Appointments and Requests.