Assessment Services








Psycho-diagnostic assessment is included as part of individual therapy services.  The diagnostic assessment is typically based upon a clinical interview, data from rating scales, and input from other sources (e.g., other health care providers, family, etc.) if available.  The assessment may occur over more than one session, and impressions can always be updated based upon new information or changes in client status.  Diagnostic impressions are one of many aspects that are included in a client's case-conceptualization, and can provide valuable guidance about which specialized treatment models may best suit the client's needs.  Clients are welcome to ask questions and offer input during this process.


All group participants require an individual assessment (including completion of intake paperwork) prior to starting groups.  We may also request permission to collaborate with your other provider(s), or ask questions additional questions.  The main goal of this process is to determine if a prospective client is a good match for the group.  If enrolling in a group, we will also discuss specific guidelines and policies related to group participation.


We are actively recruiting outstanding psychologists who specialize in other types of formal testing and evaluation services.